Friday, February 10, 2012

Archeology Field School

The Langara College Archeology Field School is a unique, hands-on experience offered during the summer semester (May to August). The 2012 field school is different this year, as we will be conducting classes and archaeology excavations on campus Monday through Thursday afternoons, as well as off-campus surveys on Fridays. This schedule makes mornings on Monday through Thursday available for students who would like to enroll in other courses on campus.

archaeology excavation

The focus of the field school is for students to acquire practical skills in pre-contact and historical archaeology, as well as in forensic archaeology. Students will gain valuable experience, earn nine university-transferable credits, and learn practical skills in site survey and archaeology excavation methods, both in laboratory and field environments. These are skills requred for academic and consulting (business) applications in many disciplines besides archaeology.

Courses involve lectures, labs, and fieldwork. Field research will take place on campus as well as in several locations in the Lower Mainland that are accessible via public transportation, and/or by shared carpool. The field school will involve a large time commitment on the part of accepted students.

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