Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Monastic complex frequented by the Buddha at Vaishali Museum

Archaeologists in the northern Indian state of Bihar in the city of Rajgir the site of an archeological exploration have exposed the remains of a fifth-century B.C. brick stupa (domed temple) of on Buddhist texts, some believe relics of the Buddha(ashes, bones, hair, and nail clippings) are buried.

The location of this stupa, one of several built over the Buddha's relics, has long been contested, and another structure has been suggested. The holy in the Atta Katha, a book of tales associated with the Buddha's life, seems to better match the excavated stupa in terms of both location and building materials.

Excavations at Vaishali have exposed a monastic complex frequented by the Buddha. The Archaeological Survey of India found a nunnery with attached latrines in this town, at the request of his foster mother and a female disciple, first permitted an order of nuns. A number of terra-cotta latrine pans and an enormous communal bathing tank, that was dug for the Buddha by monkeys attest the Vaishalian concern for hygiene or more interesting topics related to archaeology, visit archaeology excavations

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