Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Hot winter birding spots by the San Francisco Bay Area

San Francisco tours are just incomplete without you enjoying the Winter Birding spots of the Bay area. The rich wetlands of Bay Trail is something that is never to be missed if you are a nature lover, keep your cameras loaded as you are sure to enjoy many picture perfect moments of  San Francisco. Be sure to use a camera with a long lens to shoot the ducks, egrets and other marshland birds in their most active self as you might not want to disturb their seclusion in any way.

We will have to take all possible measures to avoid any disturbance created to these birds. Visitors are advised to stay away from causing any harassment to the birds as they will have to pay fines for violating the Migratory Birds act that safeguards the wellness of these birds.

One of the hot winter birding spots in San Francisco is the Arrowhead Marsh of Oakland where you can find migrating ducks and shore birds. Next in the list is the Coyote Hills Regional Park where visitors are allowed a fascinating boardwalk and trails through the marshlands.

There is Crissy Field marshland that stands as a spectacular example of habitation restoration where people can enjoy bird watching through East Beach parking area or from the Crissy Field Center. The Don Edwards refuge that is found along the Pacific Flyway is a network of parks. The entire area is about 30,000 acres of marsh, salt water ponds, shorelines and mud flats that acts as a home for a wide species of shorebirds and waterfowl.

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