Thursday, April 26, 2012

Ancient Greek Murder Court originated in Athens

Division of the ancient Greek court Palladion, which tried murder cases from Classical until the Roman Ages, was exposed beside with changeable findings in downtown Athens.
In the 60′s, archaeologist Ioannis Travlos exposed another part of the court, together with the entrance. But now, excavations provide fascinating clues about the court’s function. The lodge found in the southern part of the court is supposed to be the hearing process room.
Palladion Court, according to antique Greek myth, was devoted to Goddess Athena in memory of her friend Pallada. The Greek Goddess injured her friend unintentionally while they were jointly, resulting in death.
As for the stirring items, pottery ballot boxes and coins puzzle the image of the ancient court. Judges may have had to vote for the naive or culpable by choosing one of the two ballot boxes to throw their inscribed vote in.
Only cases of manslaughter were tried in the court. Murders characterized as “fair,” such as those caused due to wars or adultery, were tried in the Delphinion Court.

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