Sunday, May 6, 2012

Iranian, Italian team to excavate ancient city of Estakhr

A group of archaeological professionals from Italy will perform a sequence of studies in the ancient city of Estakhr, said director of the Iranian Center for Archaeological Research (ICAR) Mahmoud Mir-Eskandari. “The Italian group will use sophisticated equipments giving Iranian professionals the possibility to develop into familiar with high-tech tools used in this field,” he added.

The joint team will dig the city for 45 days looking for plausible signs of early mosques and ancient ruins, said Mir-Eskandari. In an earlier research program, a team of Iranian and Italian experts led by Professor Pierfrancesco Callieri of the University of Bologna studied some parts of the area in 2008.

Estakhr is an antique city located five kilometers north of Persepolis which was a flourishing city during the Achaemenid era. The new team is also planning to study the Sassanid city of Bishpur and several other cities in Fars province, Mir-Eskandari noted. The ruins of Bishapur have been recently introduced to be registered on UNESCO’s World Heritage List.

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