Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Peter Carl Faberge 166th Birthday

Peter Carl Faberge was born on 18 May 1846. He was a Russian jeweler, best known for the famous Faberge eggs, made in the style of genuine Easter eggs, but using expensive metals and gemstones rather than more ordinary materials.
Archaeology Treasure
Between 1885 and 1916, fifty-four Imperial Faberge eggs were specially made by the Tsars Alexander III and Nicholas II as easter presents for the Tsarinas Marie and Alexandra Feodorovna. Grabbing the eye of Empress Maria Feodorovna with his striking reproductions of Russian archaeological treasures, Faberge was named Supplier by Special engagement to the Imperial Court in 1885.

Not long after engagement Faberge shaped his first Imperial Easter egg for Tsar Alexander III, whose pleasure over the series of decorated treasures coincided tragically with the ignominious end to their reign.
Over the following 30 years, Faberge produced more than 150,000 objects for the Romanov court, enabling him to employ 500 highly skilled craftsmen and expand his St. Petersburg firm with branches in Moscow, Kiev and Odessa as well as London.
Forty-seven of the fifty-four Imperial Russian Faberge eggs are known to exist. A cunningly wrought 'surprise' was often concealed inside.
Peter Carl Faberge biography
Peter Carl Faberge (1846-1920) stands as a representative of a vanished age: the age of the Tsar and the fabulously rich imperial court in Russia. It was an age of empires and European monarchies that was brought to an end forever by the World War I (1914-1918). The production of luxury goods ceased completely in Russia as the war dragged on, ushering in decades of hardship and dramatic changes in the social system within which the imperial court had flourished. Today, long after the 1917 Revolution, the name Faberge conjures images of Russian imperial grandeur.

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