Monday, June 11, 2012

7 Classical Oldest Language Of The World

Language a medium of communication come to form well back 1,00,000 years.The first spoken form of language still not accounted and don't exist in the world,since ancient language don't have written script.Justifying first language of the earth mere impossible.Even accounting first language is difficult,but we find some of the treasure language of the earth.Civilization developed along this classical language of the world.
Specialty: Greek is the language of the scientific vocabulary and over 10, 00,000 words are loaned to English language.
History: Proto-Greek has origin well over 2nd millennium BC, Since Greek evolved along with Greek civilization its more orientated towards culture and tradition .Greek accounts for some of valuable treasured literacy like Odyssey, lliad, Aristotle philosophy Plato, Greek New testament etc


Specialty: Latin is the language of scientific invention and most of biological terms arrived from Latin. About 70% of the incunabula are in Latin.
History: Latin language evolved around the Roman Empire. Latin one of the factor behind spread of Christianity. Since many scientific finding took place in and around Roman Empire, So Latin places a vital role in science forum. Latin is always confined within the lower half of the Mediterranean Sea.


Specialty: Holy Language of Jewish and Hebrew's. Since Bible first written in this language only. Most Jewish and Christian History in Hebrew language.
History: Hebrew saw many periods from monarchic Period to Arabic period. Old Testament is fully written in Hebrew


Specialty: Persian language inspired Many Indo-Aryan Language. Persian Is the mother language of Urdu.
History: Persian was first originated along the Iraq and Iran. Persian Spread across the South Asia by Mughal Colonization. Persian as significant presence in Muslim community. Persian and Arabic both confined within Muslim Religion.


Specialty: Chinese is the only language which as to read top to bottom. Chinese share largest culture share across the world.
History: Xia-Dynasty was official Empire which spread Chinese across the globe. Chinese language is believed to more than 10,000 years old. It has literature, Culture and tradition. Chinese Culture one of the few culture existing in the world.


Specialty: Sanskrit is the mother of all European Language.
History: Sanskrit Script early found in Rig Veda. Its Hindu Veda believed to sacred. Sanskrit always been language of priest and Bhramin, So Sanskrit came to extinct. Sanskrit is always not a language of common man.


Specialty: 55% of the epigraphically Inscription found in India are in Tamil. Tamil-Brahmi Script inscription are found in Egypt, Thailand, Srilanka, Which is about 2000 years old. Tamil is the only surviving classical language of the world.
History: Tamil-Brahmi Script is first written form of Tamil. Tamil Language had well defined written grammar even 2500 years ago (Tholkkapium).So many believe that Tamil also one of the Language evolved during origin of Communication. Thirukurral One of the Greatest Literature of the world.

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