Monday, May 24, 2010

Remains Of First Temple Found Underneath Planned Walkway Lea

During construction for a planned walkway that will connect to the Temple Mount, the Israel Antiquities Authority have uncovered the remains of an ancient city dating back the First Temple at a site located near the Western Wall. Archaeologists working at the dig discovered the remains hidden beneath a subterranean street dating back to the Roman period. One of the most exciting artefacts found are several figurines of women and a personal letter seal made from a semi previous stone with the name "Netanyahu ben Yaush" engraved on it.

A few days ago it was announced that remains from the First Temple period were found in a dig close to the Western Wall, see for example here. It is always exciting and encouraging to read about new archaeological finds, especially when they are so close to the Temple Mount. A very interesting seal was found as well, bearing the name of Netanyahu ben Yaush. There has been a plethora of finds made recently, which prove that Israel did exist as a nation in the Land and especially in Jerusalem, during the Biblical periods.

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