Monday, May 24, 2010

Tollund Man Peat Bogs

Tollund Man Peat Bogs as described in The Doomsday Key at the Silkeborg Museum located in Silkeborg, Denmark.

The Tollund man lived during the late 5th century BC and/or early 4th century BC, about 2,400 years ago. He was buried in a peat bog on the Jutland Peninsula in Denmark, a find known as a bog body. He is remarkable for the fact that his body was so well preserved that he had seemed to have recently died.

On May 6, 1950 Hojgard brothers from the small village of Tollund were cutting peat for their tile stove and the kitchen range in the Bjaeldskovdal peat bog, 10 km west of Silkeborg, Denmark. As the two brothers worked, they suddenly saw in the peat layer a face so fresh that they could only suppose that they had stumbled on a recent murder. They immediately notified the police at Silkeborg. [Read full article]

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