Thursday, September 9, 2010


Pottery fragments recently discovered by archeologists in the Yuchanyan Cave in China have once again demolished the evolutionist conception of history. According to a report on BBC News, the fragments have been dated using 40 different Carbon-14 techniques to be between 17,500 and 18,300 years old. The existence of such ancient pots is an utter defeat, in evolutionist terms, for they indicate that human beings led civilized and settled lives at what is claimed to have been the Stone Age.

Evolutionists maintain that the first human beings were half-ape creatures
whose mental and physical characteristics developed over the course of time, that they acquired new abilities, and that civilizations evolved for that reason.
According to this claim, based on no scientific evidence whatsoever, our supposed primitive ancestors led animalistic lives, became civilized only after they became human, and registered cultural progress as their mental
capacities developed. Fictitious images of the so-called primitive Man, with a body entirely covered in fur, or seeking to make fire while squatting under animal skins, walking along the waterside with a freshly killed animal on his shoulder, or seeking to communicate with his peers by gestures and grunting, are false recreations based on this unscientific claim. However, the archeological discoveries made to date from the Stone Age, when evolutionists claim that human beings had only just learned to speak, show that human beings then lived family lives, performed brain surgery and understood the arts of painting and music.

Since the approximately 18,000-year-old bowl shards found in the Yuchanyan Cave in China also bear the signs of civilized life they also refute evolutionists supposed sequence of historic ages. These bowl fragments, dated at between 17,500 and 18,300 years old, are the oldest earthenware remains ever discovered. According to evolutionist claims, human beings should not yet have adopted a settled life style in the period described as the Stone Age, and should have been living in caves as primitive hunters using stone tools. But archeological finds scientifically prove the exact opposite. The oldest-known earthenware fragments found in the Yuchanyan Cave therefore fully expose the invalidity of evolutionists claims, which are in fact no more than fantasies.

A specimen of the pottery discovered in the Yuchanyan Cave in 1995

Grains of rice were also discovered in the same cave in 2005. Put together, these finds show that human beings living 18,000 years ago engaged in agriculture and lived civilized lives similar to those of people today.

Such developments and finds made in branches of science like archaeology and anthropology reveal that the idea of cultural and social evolution is a hollow one. The finds unearthed during archeological excavations clearly reveal that history is interpreted by Darwinist scientists in the light of the preconceptions of materialist ideology. The myth of the Stone Age is nothing more than materialists attempts to depict man as a creature evolved from supposed unintelligent animals and to impose this myth they believe in on science.

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Anonymous said...

stop confusing yourself with twisted facts civilised man has been around longer than you are giving them credit for. Neathandal man was the cave man and they weren't half ape and neither were Cro-Magnon and they all lived well before 18,000 years ago. If we didn't evolve non of what were doing here would be possible.