Sunday, October 31, 2010

Huge wall dated back to Zinki era unearthed in Hama

Hama, Lattakia- A huge wall and two props thought to date back to the Zinki era between 1146 and 1174 were unearthed in the archaeological excavations at Shayzar Castle, 30 km in north-western Hama.

Head of Hama Antiquities Department Abdul-Qader Farzat said the archaeology excavation works of the Syrian-Italian mission this season have focused on studying the western defense line of the castle which goes back to the Saluki period at the end of the 4th century.

The archaeology excavations included opening two probes to the north of the architectural block CA-1 which were chosen depending on an analysis of the aerial photos taken of the site in 1935.

The archaeology excavation aimed at collecting accurate information to get an insight into the nature of the architectural constructions which were uncovered to the south of the site in 2005.

Archaeology Excavations works conducted by Lattakia Antiquities Department during the current season have unveiled architectural collections from the 5th and 6th centuries as well as cemeteries and archaeological finds at different sites inside the province on the Syrian coast.

The Department Director Jamal Haidar said that the works of the national mission for urgent excavation working at the site of Ibn Hani Bay Resort in cooperation with the Qatari al-Diyar Company unearthed a basilica church and a burial place for clergymen.
Archaeological layers dating back to the Middle Ages consisting of dwelling houses were also uncovered at the site, in addition to pottery jars, bronze coins and spindles made of ivory and stone.

Urgent archaeology excavation works at al-Sijn quarter uncovered ten archaeological cemeteries, with one of which having wall drawings.

Old pottery flasks and jars, glass pieces, spindles, bronze coins and stone tablets with Greek letters were found inside the cemeteries.

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