Sunday, October 31, 2010

Syria: New Archaeological Discoveries in Lattakia

Syria (Lattakia) - New discoveries were unearthed at Tel Siano site in Jableh, Lattakia, adding up to its historical, archaeological and tourist value.

The new discoveries encompass architectural units, animal, clay and earthenware toys and flint stony spindle heads.

Director of Jableh's Archaeology and Museums Department Ibrahim Kheirbek said the archaeology excavations dug up a set of finds dating back to the Iron Age.

He added that the outcome of archaeology excavations proved the importance of settlement at the site during the ancient Bronze Age, adding that its gigantic architectural system started in mid-3rd millennium B.C.

It is one of most prominent sites of Jableh plain whose location has made it a strategic point controlling the plain and the agricultural lands surrounding it.

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