Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Interpretive theme 2: artifacts - pottery

The Kommos kiln, described in a previous Blog entry is but one architectural feature of the site that deserves interpretation. The site also yielded many artifacts besides the architectural legacy of the former inhabitants.

Chief amongst the artifact categories is pottery. The kiln was filled with pottery and there were other intriguing earlier and later significant finds, examples of Minoan but also Greek, Egyptian, Phoenician and Roman pottery.

The web sites below are two examples of sources that will be utilized to research the educational message in the phase 2 or future phase 3, on site, interpretive panels.

The Kommos excavation web site by archaeology excavation directors Joseph and Maria Shaw and the Late Minoan Pottery web site by Dartmouth professor Jeremy Rutter, a significant contributor to the archaeology excavations, analysis and publication, also provides material for interpretive consideration, interpretation which critically adds to the value of the excavated port town’s continued stewardship.

For more interesting topics related to archaeology, visit archaeology excavations.

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