Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Summer Work Season Plan - Kommos Conservancy

The American and European economic downturns have caused a postponement of the previously planned continuation of the Master Plan development for construction documents and the necessary government Ministry of Culture and Tourism and Κ.Α.Σ. regulatory approvals.

Of course, transparency and accountability are important parameters for the Kommos Conservancy’s continued efforts to apply for funding for the archaeological site conservation and the archaeological park development.

This summer’s work season will be undertaken by Kommos Conservancy corporate officers, excavation co-directors and editor/ authors Joseph W. and Maria C. Shaw. Continued organization of the site’s artifacts and perimeter fence replacement are anticipated outcomes.

Executive Director James C. Stratis, in the Denver Kommos Conservancy Office, continues to seek funding and apply for grants to build on the schematic park development concepts and the the roof shelters’ schematic & design-development plans and specifications ( promeleiti / oristiki).

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