Thursday, October 27, 2011

Jaffna Is A Unique Dutch Settlers - Head Of Archaeology

Jaffna is the second largest city in the world, which was the Dutch rule, which is Dutch settlements outside the main Dutch Fort, Director General of Archaeology Dr. Senarath Dissanayake said.

Participation in the tour of observation yesterday Jaffna Fort, said the Dutch first solution, which is outside of the Dutch Fort in South Africa. "Therefore, the archaeological value of Jaffna town has a large and important role in the Fort of Jaffna," he said.

"There are 31 archaeological monuments identified in the inner part of the Jaffna Fort," said Dr. Dissanayake.

Among the objects are Chinese coins and Roman urns and, he said.

"Restructuring programs will continue under the guidance of the Department of Archaeology and the Dutch government," said Dr. Dissanayake. Queens House, the Dutch Church and the Jaffna Fort are the main sites of less focused on the restoration program, he said.

Fifty percent of the conservation program has been completed. Netherlands has increased from Rs 64 million and the government of Sri Lanka has spent Rs 40 million for this, he said.

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