Thursday, October 27, 2011

Sicán Old Tomb Discovered In Northern Peru

Archaeologists in Lambayeque, Peru, revealed a 900-year SICAN grave, believed to be the final resting place for a number of elite in society.

"We have been since last February and archaeology excavation in the area have called the Palace, a room had been detected and led to the discovery of the tomb of an important part of the elite Lambayeque, roughly from the 12th century. His funeral was preceded by a series of offers, "said a local archaeologist.

ITN News reported that the tomb is more than nine hundred years, was found Chotuna-Chornancap area, reportedly a ceremonial role.

"It 'reaches the level of the burial tomb of a person's first appearance in the crown of copper and silver teeth, copper mask, disc necklace and other ornaments of copper," archaeologist added.

These items will help investigators piece together information on the funerary practices and also hope to work more in the life of the person clearly important.

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