Friday, November 4, 2011

Uzbekistan Is Neglecting Its Unique Archaeological Heritage

Archaeological Kyzylalma near the Angren, in danger of disappearing unless measures are taken to protect them, experts say.

Damage to these unique archaeological monuments is caused by agricultural activities, including plowing, and looted are. The unauthorized construction is also a threat to historic sites, physical and spiritual that has survived for thousands of years.

It is estimated that a total area of ​​58.80 km2 of land or 102,900 m3 were destroyed archaeologically important. Sites of the Stone Age, which contain valuable clues about how ancient civilizations lived in Eurasia suffer. Construction Contractors in land reclamation, a little controversy, but are not aware of its historical importance.

Scientists have mapped the remains of three burial sites from the mid-first millennium before our era, and presented the results to the prosecutor office Angren that corresponds to the protection of ancient monuments. However, the sites have been robbed.

"Every year, the Russian archaeologists arrive to carry out excavations in Kyzylalma. Islamova Valley working in the academic user of Uzbekistan Academy of Sciences. However, almost none of his discoveries find their way into museums Angren, although archaeologists are legally dispose the material to local museums like discovering.

Each year, representatives of the authorities in the district of Angren Akhangar and visit the archaeological excavations at Kyzylalma to try to prevent any damage to the precious relics. Although these officials were able to assess the extent of the destruction of monuments, their visits were unsuccessful, and looting always seems to take place in Uzbekistan is place.Since of international importance, students and Researchers from abroad are often more frequent visitors. Uzbekistan, despite its unique history, does not consider its archaeological heritage as essential to the development of contemporary cultural and political life which is clearly another country.

One of the main areas of Uzbekistan in this regard is Akangar. In ancient times the area was called Ilaka, and was an important step on the Silk Road. Conservative estimates suggest that there are over 1,000 archaeological, historical monuments, physical and spiritual here, is the unique heritage of Uzbekistan. Many are of importance to the world - Burgulyuk, Kanka, Shakhrukh and so on.

However, in the valley Kyzylalma only 84 ancient monuments have been recorded. Many sites of the Stone Age are some of them, although many are now destroyed.

The importance of these sites is far beyond regional boundaries. They are written in many academic papers around the world. It is a rich collection of treasures, experts say, and must be actively protected in order to be saved, and preserve the unique contribution of Uzbekistan to the historical heritage of the world.

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Sinduja Jesmi said...

sinduja jesmi, In Sri Lanka.
I'm relay proud to be a tamizhan.

Sinduja Jesmi said...

I'm relay proud to be a tamil girl.

s peria karuppan said...

Thanks to mr.murugadoss to give such a movie.till now we never know that who is BODHIDARMA because of this movie 7 aum arivu only now we know a great person called BODHIDARMA lived.



Samy said...

Let's us not just stop here and feel proud!!
Do your part study history and see if you can bring out some world shocking news about the greatness of Tamilians!!!
Don't take anything about Tamilians as story or myth there may be some truth in it like that of bodhidarma, who know you will get something to prove your effort.

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