Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Found New developments at historic town of Bosra

The archaeology excavation operates done by the nationwide adventure working at the website of the lower Roman bathhouses in the conventional town of Bosra has uncovered several conventional discovers since various conventional times.

Member of the adventure, Alaa al-Saleh said that the discovers involve a route created of basalt rocks and components of the conventional western yard's support beams, moreover to two clay-made lamps since the Byzantine area and a container before side of the road which causes the theater.

archaeology excavations

Some conventional surfaces since the Ottoman rule were also uncovered at the website, according to al-Saleh.

He indicated that the objective of the archaeology excavation operates is to make the website for remodelling and for getting readers and vacationers.

archaeology excavations

He included that the archaeology excavation operates were financed with SYP 500,000, and they survived for monthly and twenty days.

For her part, Head of Bosra Antiquities Office, Wafaa al-Oudieh said that the excavation venture at the lower Roman bathhouses came within the Directorate's plan for the last period to complete the archaeology excavation which started in the past conditions with the aim of finding more about the bathhouses.

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