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Malta Historical Excavations At The Kolossi Sugars Mill

The Secretary of state for Marketing and sales communications and Works, Office of Antiquities, states the realization the 18th excavation period at the Old Sugars Work of Kolossi, in Limassol Section. The archaeology excavations, which survived for four several weeks, from Thirty first of July until Twenty fifth of Nov 2011, were under the route of the Curator of Antiquities, Dr. Harbour Solomidou-Ieronymidou, assisted by archaeologist Mrs Doria Nicolaou, Technical assistant A’ Mrs M. Makri-Chamberlain and a group of six staff.

archaeology excavations

The definitive objective of this season's archaeology excavation promotion was the extension of the research in the southern and southern of the excavated place of the sugar mill’s installs. Also the excavation of the rectangle-shaped cistern which came to gentle during last season's excavation period was determined.

The stratigraphy of the cistern’s load up reveals the series of two different levels, a fact that could confirm that after the desertion stage the load up of soil has been noticed at once and not progressively. Its highest possible level is 2.25 m. This cistern, as opposed to the other one which was discovered further to the eastern, keeps some exciting clippings at the end relevant to its use. The space present on the two side factors of both cisterns are hewn quite in the center of each side. A element of steel, 0,30 m. long, was discovered included in the southern hole and it is probably relevant to a process that offered its use. The moving discovers in the specific levels contain numerous damaged sugar boats, mostly of the conical type. One sherd (rim) holds an exciting tough cut of the counsel of a schematic shrub. The only desk ware discovered in the load up was a fragment of a natural hard ware. The moving discovers comprised apart from the ceramics, some metal claws. The skeletal continues to be of a small creature were also uncovered in the same coating.

The archaeological research ongoing to the western side of the above described cistern where two verticle with respect surfaces were already noticeable in the free airline part of the place before the excavation. These are very tough designs, designed on the next step than that of the sugar mill’s installs and represent later treatments. To the southern of the walls, a raw road of light mortar was followed, which comprises the most latest proof of people action before the load up, since the northeastern period.

The archaeological coating below this ground revealed some exciting functions which could be relevant to a metallurgical working area, taking into consideration the plenty of slag discovered in the corresponding coating. A rectangle-shaped function came to gentle, constituted by one course of rocks. Proved helpful rocks were used in its region, since the inside was packed with lesser, not worked rocks. No plaster was used for its development. It methods 1,35 m. x 1,24 m. and its level is between 0.20 m. – 0.30 m. Above this function, a red, very hard, stream-lined coating of somewhere around 0,50 m. solid, a result of mud-bricks’ overlay, was excavated. A variety of ash and slag to the western side of the function indicates the everyday living of a fire, somewhere around delimited by rocks and stones. Losing records (charcoal and ashes) as well as slag elements were excavated all around the rectangle-shaped function. Our planet, on which the function is designed, is constituted by used stones, some rocks, greyish mortar and the foundation at the north west part of the place. In the corresponding coating of the place which expands to the southern, excavated during last season's period, a identical coating came to gentle. The only date clue offered in this place were the pieces of a majolica menu. The research will proceed next year in order to explain the mature levels relevant to the sugar mill’s actions.

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