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Archaeologists Find out Bulgarian Herculaneum

Archaeologists Find out Bulgarian Herculaneum

Bulgarian archaeologists have discovered a exclusive for the Bulgarian Black Sea coast under water district with remains from an beginning Byzantine fortress. Archaeologists discovered a Bulgarian Herculaneum named Akra on the Akin cape near Chernomorets on the southern Black Sea coast. The details was revealed by the National History Museum’s Director (NIM), Bozhidar Dimitrov, discussing in an unique interview Bulgarian 24 Chassa (24 Hours) daily.

Bulgarian Herculaneum
The archaeological team was lead by Ivan Hristov is continuous excavations on the cape, where an exclusive for the Bulgarian Dark Sea shore marine region with remains from an beginning Byzantine adventure have been discovered. The adventure, originally considered to be known as Krimna, times from the end of the 5th millennium A.C. According to Hristov, the initial set by the Avars, in some way enclosed the discovers into the world, in the same way to the lava from Vesuvius closing Pompeii. The hefty floor rooftops flattened protecting everything beneath. Dimitrov informed 24 Chassa that the discovers involved several completely maintained boats, clay-based amphorae, lights, magnificent small cup mugs, along with a number of clay parts, which will be renewed. The items were made at the time by builders in south African-american and then taken to Similar by delivers. The NIM Director further reiterates that after getting a thorough look at the discovers and searching greatly into records, he noticed that this has been a town very just like the German Herculaneum in the way it has been maintained, and that he was prepared to modify his preliminary perception the town was known as Krimna. "Most likely it was the same as now – Akra. In historical Ancient greek Akra indicates cpe but also a adventure and a citadel. Many traditional records validate it; there was such huge town," says he. The group is currently working in southeast the adventure, where, as Hristov reviews, a huge number of discovers had been found in a small area because the development had been very heavy. Hristov and his group need a ban on all development in the area to be able to retain the valuable findings.The landscapes western from Chernomorets are still unchanged by development, and very stunning, but personal people have stated already possession on the areas.

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