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Archaeologists of Italy hope that they got the skeletons of Mona Lisa

Archaeologists of Italy hope that they got the skeletons of Mona Lisa

Everyone is very eager to see the smiling face of the Mona Lisa’s picture throughout the year but now everyone can see the skeleton of Mona Lisa. Archaeologist of Italy says that they got the Lisa Gherardini’s skeleton this week. She was the masterpiece of Leonardo da Vinci which is present now in The Louvre in Paris. Mona Lisa’s skeleton was found near Sant’Orsola convent which is Florence. The bones of Mona Lisa will be exanimate in the Department for the Conservation of Cultural Property

Mona Lisa Skeleton
Lisa Gherardini was the spouse of a wealthy cotton vendor known as Francesco Del Giocondo. Most fashionable experts acknowledge that the woman portrayed in the Mona Lisa was Lisa Del Giocondo, who became a nun after her spouse's loss of life. She passed away at the age of 63 at the Convent of Saint Ursula on July 15, 1542. The skeleton was uncovered about five feet under the convent's unique ground along with other parts of individual bones and backbone. The dig which started again last month, discovered an individual bone this week. The bone will go through assessments to identify if they match with the skull got last month
Mona Lisa skeleton Image
The DNA in the bone will be in contrast to the model's two children. Once the researchers have confirmed that the bone and skull fit in with the design, forensic performers will make an effort to restore her face and see how it measures up to the 500-year-old edition colored by da Vinci - and perhaps fix the question of the Mona Lisa's enigmatic grin in the process, the review said
Skeleton Mona Lisa
"We don't know yet if the bone fit in with one individual bone or more than one. But this verifies our speculation that in St. Ursula convent there are still individual bone and we cannot leave out that among them there are bone owed to Lisa Gherardini," archaeologist Silvano Vinceti, who is in charge of the dig was estimated as saying by the paper

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